1. Delivery time

I-BIOMED will transport goods within the agreed time when you fulfill the order and order procedures successfully confirmed.  Shipping time (excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holidays).

Outlying areas of Hanoi: 2-3 days.

Other provinces: 4-7 days.

2. Delivery cost

Free delivery for orders greater than 1,000,000đ for the inner city of Hanoi

For orders less than 1,000,000đ:

Delivery charges apply according to the freight rate table.

3. Terms of warranty

In order to renew your device before due date, you need to preserve it, accessories are not scratched, dented, boxes are glued with tape and not torn.
When the machine is in the warranty period, stamps and warranty cards are intact, valid and have no signs of erasing.

The company is not responsible for the device lacking accessories, sticky icloud, google account after the customers leave the store.

Customers who want to return the device during the exchange period will be discounted from 10-20% depending on the products, support re-enter devices at a lifetime agreed price.

Period of time for replacing accessories with error from manufacturers (battery, charger, cables, headphones): 30 days.

If beyond the due date but your device cannot be repaired, or the device is warranted more than twice: Your device replaced with an equivalent device.

You are assisted with installing software, download games/apps, clean the dust for the device for a lifetime.

No warranty for errors arising from aging components: dead spots, bright spots, striped screen, yellowing out of the renewal period specified by each warranty package.

No warranty when water enters devices with waterproof products, please do not abuse this feature.