Hiển thị tất cả 10 kết quả

  • Audiometer

    Model: SA203

    Manufacturer: Auditdata/ Denmarrk

    Country of origin: Denmark

    A lightweight traditional manual/automatic pure-tone and bone conduction diagnostic audiometer with narrow band masking and optional PC connection

  • Audiometer Unit Ice

    Model: 2000 Primus Audiometer Unit Ice

    Manufacturer: Auditdata/ Denmark

    Country of origin: Denmark

  • Audiometric Booth

    Model: S40A

    Manufacturer: Sibelmed/ Spain

    Country of origin: Spain

  • ORLED Surgical Light

    Optical Excellence with OSRAM Lighting Guarantee
    A Light Source That Distinguishes Various Skin Tones
    ORLED provides high quality and safe light source by using the most advanced light emitting module LED array technology. This high performance LED light source module is launched by Mediland in cooperation with OSRAM, which is certified by German laboratory.
    ORLED guarantees not only R9 performance, in addition, it emphasizes on the index of R13 (Skin Europe) and R15 (Skin Asia) which enhances the eyes´ sensitivity towards body tissue discrimination on various skin tones.
    Excellent Depth of Illumination
    Thanks to the patented double reflector designed by Mediland, we obtain a glare free and showdown diluted beam profile. No Blue Ray Hazard
    Meets Photobiological Safety Standard. ORLED provides a protected and friendly environment in OR lighting.  With ORLED lighting solution, surgeons can now focus more on the surgery’s conditions than the possible eyes conditions caused by certain harmful LED rays.
    Compact Design and Ease of Use

    The light head is light weighted for convenient daily positioning, easy maneuverability and relocation. ORLED can be operated through the intuitive control panel and IR remote controller. The simple and elegant appearance will certainly fit your conventional OR.

  • ORPORT ICU Pendant System

    Manufacturer: Mediland/ Taiwan

    Country of origin: China

    ORPORT ICU pendant is designed for medical equipments integration. Base on clinical needs, ORPORT ICU pendant combines diagnostic equipment, patient monitor, medical ventilator, IV pole, injection pump, gas outlets and power sockets.

  • ORPORT Pendant System

    Manufacturer: Mediland/ Taiwan

    Country of origin: China

    ORPort series is a high-weight capacity, multi-functional pendant that is safe, convenient, and consistent with ergonomics by meeting the demand of the OR. The gas and electrical zones are designed separately for safety purposes. The external surface of the service head is coated with environmentally-friendly paint powder using electrostatic spraying technology, which gives many advantages such as aesthetic appeal, antibiotic, anticorrosive, and discoloration resistant.

  • Otoport Flexi Newborn Hearing Screener

    Model: FLX-S+ABR

    Manufacturer: Otodynamics/ UK

    Country of origin: UK

  • Otoport Lite TE Newborn Hearing Screener

    Model: LTC-ST

    Manufacturer: Otodynamics/ UK

    Country of origin: UK

    The Otoport Lite TE is an easy and simple to use handheld TEOAE system with an intuitive interface for newborn hearing screening. Fast, accurate and automatic pass/refer result with low cost consumables and long battery life all make the Otoport Lite TE the ideal way to screen with TEOAEs.

  • SlimLED Surgical Light

    The ultra-compact, oval-shape lighthead of SlimLED provides more workspace for the surgeon. It delivers the most stunning optical performance with the slimmest shape (6.5 cm at thickest point). SlimLED is lightweight and could be installed in minutes with less manpower, making the installation process an easy task.
    SlimLED renders genuine colors (CRI=95) and true red tones (R9 value=95). Deep-cavity illumination remains consistent with shadow-free lighting standards. Ambient lighting is also available. The user can easily use the touch buttons on the control panel to adjust the electrical lighting focus control, intensity and lighting on/off. The homogeneous light cylinder can be adapted to various working distances to accommodate surgeon preferences and various surgical needs. The electrical lighting focus control (ELFC) is designed for 3 difference modes (Near Focus, Middle Focus and Tele Focus) for user application.

  • TY-101 Tympanometer

    Model: SOD100497

    Manufacturer: Auditdata/ Denmark

    Country of origin: Germany

    A flexible and upgradeable Tympanometer for quick and reliable testing of middle ear conditions. As a stand-alone unit with simple and intuitive touchscreen control, the TY-101 will support the daily work at the hearing care clinic or during domiciliary visits.