Audiometer Unit Ice

Model: 2000 Primus Audiometer Unit Ice

Manufacturer: Auditdata/ Denmark

Country of origin: Denmark

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Product Description


The 2000 Primus Audiometer Unit Ice is the perfect choice if you are looking for a portable, Noah-integrated clinical audiometer. Without a cap, the Primus Ice audiometer is no larger than an envelope, making it an ideal solution for on-the-go diagnostic audiometry.


• Main machine: 01 machine
• Power supply: 01 set
• Patient feedback set: 01 set
• USB Cable: 01 Set
• Machine cover: 01 Pcs
• Airway audiometric headset: 01 set
• Bone audiometry headset: 01 set
• Set of laptop and printer purchased domestically: 01 set
• User manual: 01 set

Technical Data:

– Device :
+ Power supply: via USB cable or directly using the power supply
+ Dimensions: 181 x 115 x 94 mm (167 x 110 x 32 mm without lid)
Weight: 550g (375g without lid)
+ There are connections: airway headset, bone headset, patient feedback button, feedback microphone, monitoring headset, operating microphone, free field speaker, USB, power
– Standards :
+ Monophonic hearing : IEC 60645-1 :2017 Type 1, ANSI S3.6 :2010 Type 1
+ Speech hearing: IEC 60645-1 :2017 class A or A-E, ANSI S3.6 2010 Type A or A-E
+ Safety : IEC 60601-1 :2005+A1 :2012, Class 2, Type B
+ Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) : IEC 60601-1-2 :2014
+ Calibration: ISO 389-7 :2005
– Puretone hearing test:
+ There are tests: HTL, MCL, UCL, BCL, FF, FF-A, Weber test, SISI test, TEN test
+ Output: Airway, bone line and free field
Frequency range: 125 Hz to 16 kHz
Test Levels: -10 dB HL up to 120 dB HL (maximum intensity is limited by probe capabilities)
+ Excitation distortion : Less than 1%
There are stimuli: monophonic, pulsed mono, chirping, pulsed chirping, narrowband noise, and pulsed narrowband noise
Masking noise: Narrow band noise, white noise and speech noise
+ Extended range: +20 dB
+ Pronunciation: manually or set the sound duration 0.1 – 5 seconds
+ Patient feedback system is a hand-held push button
+ Monitor by computer monitor to monitor responses and stimuli
+ Full two-way customer communication with operator microphone
+ Customer safety: use UCL limiter (maximum 100 dB without range extension)
– Test of speech hearing:
Tests: SRT, MCL, UCL, SD, SD-A, SDN, SDN-A and QuickSIN
+ Outputs: air line, bone line and free field
+ Stimulation: CD, sound library or live voice using microphone
+ Masking noise and speech noise
+ On-screen monitoring for feedback and stimulus monitoring, full two-way communication with operator microphone


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