In order to purchase, you can choose one of the following order options:

1. Call the hotline for support and advice:

Hotline: 024 32202463

2. Order on the website

Step 1:

View product information on the website
Select the product you want to buy on the web
Click the product name to view detail. Select the quantity you need.

Step 2:

Click the Add to cart box. The shopping cart will appear, please check again to see if your order needs any modification.
If you want to buy more products, click the Continue shopping box above
If you want to remove any products, click the Delete button in the first column.
After editing the order, please click the update cart box.

Step 3:

Click the Payment box.
Fill the buyer information (all sections marked *).
Then click on the Order box

Step 4:

We will call or email you to confirm the order.
For orders in the area of Hanoi: After confirming the order, we will contact you to deliver goods to you within 24 hours.
For orders in other areas: We will send goods by express delivery to your address (within 01-05 days depending on your address).

3. Purchase directly at Hanoi Delivery Office:

Phone: 024 32202463
Address: No. A10, 4A Civil Group, 8/3 street, Quynh Mai Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi