Electro-hydraulic Operating Table SMART P2000 CLASSIC


Manufacturer:  Mediland/ Taiwan

Country of origin:Taiwan

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Product Description


Smart P2000 is one of the electro-hydraulic operating tables manufactured by Mediland. Its deviated column design and stability have earned a high reputation and trust in cardiothoracic and orthopedic surgeries at medical centers and hospitals. The slim column and compact base in SUS304 stainless steel are not only hygienic for easy cleaning but also provide enough leg room for the surgeon.


– Table top: 01 set
– Head plate: 01 pcs
– Shoulder plate: 01 pcs
– Back support plate: 01 pcs
– Foot support plate: 02 pcs
– Controller: 01 pcs
– Cushion: 01 set
– User manual: 01 set
– Battery: 01 set
Technical Data:
– Base made of aluminum alloy protected by chromate conversion coating.
– The column with removable design is covered by SUS 304 stainless steel.
– Cakes and mattresses are conductive.
– The mattresses are 6 cm thick and made of antibacterial and anti-static materials.
The foam inside the mattress helps manage pressure underneath the patient to reduce the risk of bed rest.
– The system is designed to disconnect power to the hand control software after 70 seconds of inactivity to prevent accidental table movements.
– Power Supply The SMART P2000 desk can be powered by AC power or the built-in rechargeable battery. Power will automatically convert from AC to DC when there is no AC power.
– Length of operating table: 199.4 cm
– Dimensions of operating table width (without armrest): 50 cm
– Height (without cushion): 70 – 104.5 cm
– Uphill / reverse slope: 45o /20o
– Tilt right/left: 20o /20o
– Head rotation angle (up/down): 33o / 90o
– Back rotation angle (up/down): 40o /55o/ 75o /15o
– Foot rotation angle (up/down): 24o / 90o
– Opening angle of 02 legs: 0o / 180o
– Weight: 182 kg/400 lbs


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