Manual Stretcher Cart

Model: MET-3300

Manufacturer: Medical Master/ Taiwan

Country of origin:Taiwan

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Product Description


The patient transport stretcher is designed to transport patients unable to move because of illness or trauma.


– Bed frame and crank system: 01 set;
– Handrails on both sides: 01 set;
– Wheels: 04 pcs;
– Infusion pile: 02 pieces;
– Oxygen tank holder: 01 pcs;
– Mattress: 01 pcs

Technical Data:

It is a 3-handle multi-function patient transport stretcher
Dimensions (length x width): 1900×750 mm ± 10%;
Stretcher height adjustment: 520-750 mm ± 10%;
Knee adjustment: 0-40º (±10º);
Back adjustment: 0-80º (±10º);
The stretcher frame is made of 304 stainless steel and has high lateral strength;
The stretcher handrail is made of bar linkage, allowing easy lifting and lowering, and has a latch lock on the handle;
The handrail when collapsed is half the length of the stretcher and will automatically lock when the height of the handrail reaches the maximum height;
The crank system is made of stainless steel;
Wheels on both sides include:
The three wheels are 6inch (150mm) in diameter. Can be locked individually by the pedal above each wheel;
6inch (150mm) diameter straight-line fixed castors, which can be engaged to facilitate directional control, allowing the directional operator to maneuver the stretcher easily in busy and dynamic environments;
The infusion pile is made of stainless steel;
The oxygen tank holder is designed horizontally and placed under the stretcher;
The storage tray is placed under the stretcher for convenience in use.


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