Amax9000Plus Surgical Table

Model: Amax9000Plus

Manufacturer: Mediland/ Taiwan

Country of origin: Taiwan

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Product Description


In the two-plate design, the lower segment can be easily removed to allow easier access by the surgeon when performing rectal, urological, and gynecological surgery.


Table top: 01 set
Battery: 01 set
Headrest: 01 pcs
Shoulder plate: 01 pcs
Back support plate: 01 pcs
Footrest plate: 01 pcs
Auxiliary controller: 01 pcs
Mattress: 01 set
Instructions for use: 01 set

Technical Data:

Table Length 1958mm
Table Width (without side rails) 530mm
Table Height (without mattress) 680~1120mm
Trendelenburg / R. Trendelenburg 30° / 30°
Lateral Tilt (L / R) 20° / 20°
Head (Up / Down) 90° / 90°
Back (Up/Down) 68° / 40°
Leg (Up/Down) 80° / 100°
Kidney Elevator (Up) 0~120mm
Weight Capacity 454kg /1000lbs


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