Ares8000 Surgical Table

Model: Ares8000

Manufacturer: Mediland/ Taiwan

Country of origin: Taiwan

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Product Description


The operating table is adapted to modern surgery and allows for a flexible patient position. The design of the operating table ensures antibacterial standards, and the stainless steel material is easy to clean.

Equipped with movable wheels to make moving the operating table easier. The included medical accessories are easy to install and use, to suit the diverse needs of patients.


Main table body: 01 set
Head plate: 01 pcs
Shoulder plate: 01 piece
Back support plate: 01 piece
Leg support: 02 pieces
Controller: 01 pcs
Cushion: 01 set
User manual: 01 set
Battery: 01 set

Technical Data:

Table Length 2101 mm
Table Width 536mm
Table Height 660-1080 mm
Trendelenburg / Rev. 30°/30°
Lateral Tilt ( L/R) 20°/20°
Head (Up/Down) 90°/90°
Back (Up/Down) 80°/40°
Leg (Up/Down) 20°/100°
Longitudinal Sliding 0-400mm
Flex/Reflex 220°/125°
Weight Capacity 454kg/1000 lbs


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