Mobile examination light

Model: AL-101S

Manufacturer: Acomed/ Taiwan

Country of origin: Taiwan

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Product Description


Examination lamp AL-101S is a medical lighting device commonly used in clinical examinations and medical clinics. The advantages of the device are its compact design, flexible mobile stand, or direct attachment to other medical equipment. The product is popular because its service life is up to 40,000 hours, saving electricity.


Bulb head: 01 pcs
Mobile stand set: 01 set
Power cord: 01 set
User manual: 01 set.
Technical Data:
– The base can be a mobile device
– Lamp head diameter 65mm
– Height: plate at 88cm , Pipe length 65cm
– Low color temperature. LED, warm white, 4000°K ±300
– Intensity around 25,000LUX at 50CM
– 5W LED, about 40000 hours lifespan
– Point around diameter 8cm/0.5m
– Input: AC110-220V 50/60Hz.


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