Patient Transport Stretcher

Model: KY-EB6613

Manufacturer: Kenyue/China

Country of origin: China

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Product Description


The KY-EB6613 Patient Transport Stretcher is designed with an adjustable height from 530mm to 830mm (manually operated), and the back is controlled by a 0-75° spring. The KY-EB6613 has a variety of outstanding features, such as a durable aluminum alloy trolley material, two collapsible PP side rails, and reactive guide wheels for easy movement.


– Stretcher frame: 01 pcs
– Hand crank system: 01 set
– Bars: 02 pieces
– Wheels with central locking: 04 pcs
– Guide wheel: 01 pcs
– IV stand: 01 pcs
– Oxygen tank holder: 01 pcs
– Transfer mattress: 01 pcs
Technical Data:
– Dimensions (length x width): 1930×640 mm ± 10%;
– Stretcher height adjustment: 540-840 mm ± 10%;
– Back adjustment: 0-80º (±10º);
– The handrail of the bed is made of high-strength ABS plastic
– The handwheel is made of stainless steel;
– Two side wheels, four wheels with a diameter of ~150mm can be locked simultaneously by pedals on both sides;
– directional center wheel ~100mm diameter, which can be engaged to facilitate directional control, allowing the directional operator to maneuver the stretcher easily in a busy and dynamic environment;
– The infusion pole is made of stainless steel, the height can be adjusted to suit professional requirements. The transmission pole hanger has a lock, helping the transmission pole to be fixed in the best way;
– The oxygen tank holder can support the oxygen tank weighing 15kg;
– The metal screw positions are covered by the gasket with a rubber cover to avoid dirt and water and have a set of durability that is superior to plastic;
‘- The mattress comes with 2 additional support belts to fix the patient.


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